Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating Feeders supplied by Tekforce Engineering have been built and supported in Australia for over 60-years.

Over this time Syntron feeders have proven to be reliable in industry with a comprehensive range of Vibratory units for both the light and heavy bulk material sectors.

Multiple feeders are currently in use in mining applications and heavy-industry throughout Australia.

Feeders are well suited for moving high-tonnage Iron ore, coal and free flowing materials.

Tekforce provide a series of Feeders, Screens, Conveyors, Stockpile Reclaimers, Scrapings-conveyors and Bin Vibrators, which are fully supported in Australia.


Electromagnetic models are recommended over mechanical versions when moving harsh materials such as iron ore and coal, especially in applications which require high tonnage at controlled feed rates.

Each unit is capable of withstanding large head loads beneath storage hoppers, they are quieter to operate and very reliable when comparing against mechanical models.

Mechanical models are equipped with multiple drive components and wearing parts, whereas magnetic models have near zero moving parts which account for fewer potential breakdown stoppages.

It is important that storage hoppers and flow control gates are designed correctly to allow the feeder to operate efficiently.

Feeders can be designed for mounting a range of manual or automatically opening control gates at the load point.

Electromagnetic and mechanical Vibrating troughs are available in carbon or stainless steel construction and fitted with hardened wear liners for abrasive materials.

Troughs are supplied as either flat tray, tubular or customised profiles in stainless or carbon steels.

Feeders are normally mounted with supporting slings over head, such as beneath hoppers or available as floor mounted units.

Electromagnetic drive assemblies are mounted beneath the feeder as standard or available with the drive mounted above the trough as option.

De-watering feeders & Controllers:

Additionally to conveying bulk dry materials, de-watering feeders are available for separating liquids from solids.

De-watering feeders are typically fitted with steel or poly trays which are interchangeable with various aperture screens.

Both mechanical and electromechanical feeders require an electrical controller to allow variation for the material feed rate.

Light-duty vibrating feeders generally require 240 volt supply while heavier capacity models require 415 volt – 3 phase supply.

Dependent on the circumstance, feeders can be operated manually by a hand operated potentiometer, or automatically controlled by sensors, variable speed device, or remote operation.

Standard model units are available as stock items or special options manufactured to customer requirements.

Heavy-Duty & Light-Industry Feeders available:

  • Electromagnetic Feeders

  • Electromagnetic Vibrator

  • Electromechanical Feeders

  • Rotary Vibrating-Feeders

  • Vibratory Screens

  • Dewatering Screen Feeders

  • Grizzly Bar Screens

  • Vibratory Conveyors & Scavenger-conveyors

  • Vibrating Table & Parts bowl feeders

  • Vibratory tailings / Scrapings conveyors

  • Stockpile Reclaimers & flow gates

  • Volumetric Feeders

  • Spiral Feeders & packing tables

  • Bin Vibrators and vibrating systems

  • Vibratory-Feeder Control devices

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