Roller Conveyor - Warehousing Logistics

Roller conveyor for Warehouse logistics and Distribution facilities provide a cost effective way to reduce labour inefficiencies, increase production throughput, and provide swift return of investment.

Warehouse conveying systems utilising full turnkey processes which incorporate sortation systems and diverters are well suited for integrating into existing or newly established production lines.

Proven design methods, professional support and quality components are contributing factors for implementing successful materials handling integrations.

Logistic operations which only require individual conveyor segments rather than turnkey support can access the Tekforce supply centre for a wide selection of roller, belt, flexible and chain modules.

Standard sized frame segments provide an affordable option which can be self installed or conveyors fully installed by a qualified Tekforce field service technician.

24-Volt powered roller and chain driven roller conveyors are two solutions designed to suit horizontal work stations, with power saving benefits, carton accumulation control and silent operation for 24-volt option.

Power driven belt segments are suitable for inclining cartons on slopes or accessing mezzanine floor areas.

Gravity roller systems are the economical solution for flat work areas for manually moving light capacity cartons and tote boxes.

Lineshaft power driven roller segments are the cost-effective alternative with additional OH&S benefits and increased production capacity, compared to gravity models.

Materials handling equipment is adaptable to many logistical operations including, packing and operator benches, shelving, binning, workstations, protective bollards, barriers and protective fencing.

Carton sealers, carton strappers, box labelers, scanners and bar code readers are available as stand alone or integrated into the system.

Equipment supply or installation, are supported nationally; professional services include project management, technical support, mechanical/electrical installations.

A wide range of standard conveyors are available:

24-Volt powered roller, Chain driven roll conveyors, Belt under conveyors, Belt over roll conveyors, Lineshaft driven conveyors, Pallet conveyors.

Conveyor Specification:

  • Conveyor widths: 400 to 900mm (nom)
  • Standard modular lengths: 3000mm
  • Custom modular lengths: 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500
  • Roller models Galv as standard or PVC & S/steel option
  • Skate wheel, Ball transfer or Omni wheel multidirectional rolls
  • Pneumatic operated carton stop devices for accumulation zones
  • Conveyors and drives constructed from carbon or stainless steel
  • Support stands, conveyor gates, stairwells and platforms
  • Systems Built to Australian Standards - Conveyor Safety requirements AS1755-2000

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