Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors and industrial chain-conveyors, integrated by Tekforce are a proven range of dependable systems available.

Chain and roller palletising systems are currently utilised at several leading organizations in Australia, including automotive, robotic integrations, food and distribution facilities.

Chain and roller models have been designed to meet the rigors of 24/7 processes.

Systems are highly-dependable, efficient and cost-effective to meet the needs of busy logistical operations, forklift movements, process control and production lines.


Built to suit Australian Standard Pool Pallets AS4068 – 1165 x 1165mm

Custom sizes, width, heights and accessories available for non-standard skids, stillages and pallets.

Chain or powered roller models standard. Positive drive or accumulation sections available.

Accumulation sections allow the pallet / load to fully accumulate on the line until needed downstream. 

Chain versions supplied in twin, triple or multiple strand drive. Selection is dependent on the product load, pallet configuration and conveyor duty.

Roller driven models are supplied with optional roll diameter and pitching and are based on the pallet specification.

Conveyor speed, height and length manufactured to customer requirements.

Mild steel painted enamel frames are standard. Galvanized or stainless steel versions as option for food grade, pharmaceutical, chemical and wet areas.

Gear-motor drives mounted externally or internally dependent on floor space available.

Conveyor guarding built to Australian Standards – Conveyor safety requirements

Optional accessories:

Rise & fall conveyors, right angle transfers, indexing & rotary tables, pallet dispensers, pallet crushers, accumulator zones transfer cars, lift tables and side guides are optional.

Pallet aligners, guide devices, pneumatic lifters, perimeter fencing, safety barriers, electrical interlocks, scada interfacing all optional.

Design, integration, installation & field support. Mechanical and electrical installations.

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