Dockless Conveyors

Dockless conveyors, supplied by Tekforce provide solutions for loading or unloading loose cartons from trucks, trailers and containers.

Warehousing, freight, distribution and retail outlets which turnover large volumes of loose cartons would benefit from these systems.

Mobile units are proven to save time and increase overall productivity for workplaces utilising manual handling labour when moving loose loads and cartons.

Equipment is designed for load areas which are situated on flat or sloping floors or dispatch areas without raised floors or hydraulic lift tables.

Loaders are reliable and maintenance friendly; only periodic servicing is necessary.

Systems are shipped Australia wide and supported from the Melbourne operations centre.


The trailer loader is a powered inclined twin belt unit with a manually extendable telescopic ‘tongue’.

Integral powered belt segments are easily raised to the desired trailer height via an electrical push button control, while the extendable segment extends into the trailer.

The extendable ‘tongue’ section is optioned for gravity wheel, gravity roller or a powered roller attachment.

Powered roller tongue sections provides greater productivity and OH&S benefits rather than the gravity tongue options.

Workplaces which manually load or unload in excess of two containers per week would benefit the most.

Return of Investment (ROI) is swift, allowing greater productivity and also introduces substantial OH&S benefits through reduced manual handling.

Additional to prompt ROI, savings are twofold for facilities which are charged by-the-hour for the container waiting period.

Container on-hire waiting periods are substantially reduced when utilising the loader assembly.


-Simple to operate and portable.
-Easy to maneuver for multi-door applications.
-Suitable for 20 foot and 40 foot trailers.
-Easily adaptable to Best flexible sections.
-Single phase x 240v x 50 Hertz function.
-Effective belt width 600mm

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