Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt conveyor systems supplied by Tekforce Engineering are the preferred solution when reliability, adaptability and value are important.

Belt units are designed for versatility to suit a multitude of industries, process operations, production lines and applications requiring positive drive and reliability.

Belt systems are designed maintenance friendly and include extensive safety concepts, guarding and 'nip' protection features to meet OH&S regulations.

The design specification can accommodate light products for moving boxes and parcels or for moving heavy loads typically found in freight and distribution facilities.  Systems are well suited for moving stock onto mezzanine floor areas.

Conveyor speed is optioned to suit individual requirements; they are available in fixed speed or variable speed drive and can be optioned for reversing the belt direction.

Each unit is supplied with adjustable or fixed height supports and can be mounted horizontal or inclined.

Conveyors can be supported on overhead frames suspended within storage areas or above roller doors or fixed plant, to allow mobile equipment and pedestrian access.

Mechanical / Electrical installation is available; all systems can be quickly commissioned by incorporating compact modular sections and standardised components.


- Conveyor units are suitable for transfering cartons, boxes, totes, food goods, irregular items and custom products.

-Conveyor construction is available in either mild, galvanised or stainless steel for food and sanitary.

-Low maintenance, quiet operation, full warranty & site support is available

-Typical applications include horizontal conveying or elevated areas & mezzanines for warehousing, distribution or freight industry.

-Warehouse automation and logistics for scan lines, sortation tables, packing areas & distribution lines

-Belting decks are designed in flat sections, troughed sections, belt on roller sections, or belt under roller versions.

-Powered corner segments, 90-degree curves, diverter modules, specialty conveyors are all available.

-Standard conveyor widths range between 300mm to 1000mm and can be customised to suit specific requirements.

Conveyor lengths are typically manufactured in 3000mm segments as standard and available in alternate lengths to meet exacting site requirements.

-Belt options available include cleated & profile belts for inclines or mezzanine floors, plastic injection parts and loose materials, food grade, PVC, Polyurethane or neoprene.

-All belt conveyors are manufactured to Australian Standards, Conveyor-belt-safety requirements

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